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The Covert Cooler

How many times have you been tired, frustrated, and dehydrated out there in the blazing sun on the 13th hole? The golf club's little beverage cart is nowhere in sight.  Or, if it does come zipping by at just the right time, they try to charge you an arm and a leg for a simple beer or soda! It's enough to aggravate even the most mellow player and certainly enough to push an already struggling golfer over the edge into broken-club-land.

The solution to that problem is The Covert Cooler.  Our cooler is a discreet, soft-sided, golf bag cooler that can hold up to nine (9) cans of beer or soda.  Designed to use with ice packs.

Multi-Color, Muli-Logos Available The Covert Cooler
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The Covert Cooler

The Covert Golf Bag Cooler fits in the shoe pocket of your golf bag, making it easy to hide beer or soda for the golf course staff or even from your fellow mooching golf buds. Now you can have cheap, tasty, ice cold beer with you wherever and whenever you need it.

Make for a great Promotional Gift as well.  See our Golf Tournaments section

FREE Shipping for orders of two or more Covert Coolers

$19.95 for No Imprint
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FREE Shipping for orders of two or more Covert Coolers
$24.95 for Shoe Bag Print
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The Covert Cooler was designed for use with ice, however for those who prefer ice packs, we stock a 1 lb "Cold Ice" pack available for purchase.  We suggest two packs for best performance. 


Price per ice pack $1.50


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Thirst no more, weary golfer, the Covert Cooler has arrived to solve your thirsty needs.