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Beer and Golf Courses:
What's the deal, man?

"Plaids, checks, and stripes do look better together after a few cold ones...."

Golf and Beer are Best Friends.  They love each other.  So, of course, the relationship between the two have a colorful and storied past.  They have spawned all sorts of fun products, unique micro-brews, course policies, drink specials, and more!

These days, more often than not, your day of golf begins by being greeted with a sign upon your arrival:



Well, isn't that just dandy.  Of course, if you have a Covert Cooler Beer Can Hider, it's no problem.  But there ARE reasons for this rule.  If a course is licensed to sell alcohol, it is in most states technically illegal to bring alcohol onto the premises that was not purchased from the licensee.  It is similar to bringing your own drinks to a bar.  For example, the law in Indiana states:

Indiana Code 7.1-5-8-5 Sec. 5. (b) It is a Class C misdemeanor for a person, for his own use, to knowingly carry on, convey to, or consume, on or about the licensed premises of a permittee, an alcoholic beverage that was not then and there purchased from that permittee.

Blah Blah Blah . . . 

Now there exists a site that lists several golf courses who DO indeed have a BYOB policy.  This site is only for those of you lucky enough to live in Indiana, though.

But sometimes you might want to consider actually hitting the clubhouse to see if that course might have it's own special micro-brew.  You might not mind shelling out of few bucks at courses which have some pretty neat treats.

The Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club in Cave Creek, AZ boasts Crazy Ed's very special "Chili Beer".  That's right.  Reminiscent of the worm in the bottle of tequila, Crazy Ed serves up a "toxically delicious" beer that comes with a small chili pepper in the bottle.  Hmm, tastes like burning.

Crosswater Golf at Sunriver, OR is located near the Deschutes Brewery, which has rich, outdoorsy personality of the great Northwest.

With membership at Treesdale Golf & Country Club you can join the "Quaffers Society", with special discounts, a free mug, and exposure to beers from all over the world at the special "Quaffers Night" every Thursday.  They also have a Wine Society for you classy folk.

Vail Cascade Resort and Spa held the Second Annual Mountain Microbrew Festival in September 2003, featuring local breweries from the Rocky Mountains, such as the Dillon Dam Brewery in Dillon, CO and Odell's Brewery of Fort Collins, CO.  

Turquoise Valley Golf and RV Park boasts Dave's Electric Beer.  Dave had the first modern Microbrew License in Arizona, and is what some might say a "local icon".

Other courses will buy you a free beer or other bonuses if you schedule your tee-time online.  Some of these courses and golf sites include:

Atlanta's LMTT

Royal Meadows in Kansas City, MO

Binford Grange has a very special Summer Golf n' Beer deal!  You gotta vacation in England for this one, but hey, free beer!

Of course, no matter what the great local tastes, it just feels special to have a snazzy place to hide your beer, you sneaky Mr. Beer Can Hider.