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If you are interested in selling the covert Cooler from your site and making a commission on the sale, give us a call or email.  Below is a basic description of how the process works.

1) You include a picture of the cooler on your site.

2) An interested customer clicks on the image and is (One) redirected to our site, where of course they fall in love and buy a Covert Cooler.(Two) Orders directly from your site and you take the order.   We have the ability to handle orders either way.

3) We have a tracking device that tells us that the customer came from you. If you prefer to take the order yourself and not be forced to rely upon third party software, no problem.

4) If a customer makes a purchase, you, the owner of the website that referred the customer, will receive a 25% commission on retail and 15% on wholesale..

5) Just so you know, we will have a third party affiliate program keeping careful watch over who refers who so we can keep this deal honest, ok, buddy?  We want to have a nice partnership with you, our golf and beer loving pals.

Give us a call toll free 1-800-475-5235