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Beer and Golf, Personal Cooler for Golfers, Covert Coolers

Beer and golf go together like . . . well, beer and golf.  Since the ancient Aztecs played tlachtli and ate fermented berries, and the Romans drank wine and cheered on the Gladiators, spirits and games of sport have been partners in fun.  Now even a golfer's thirst can be cured by some delicious ale.   

There are several ways to incorporate beer into your game, just be sure to follow the course rules as best you can.  There are many beer-friendly courses across the nation where you can take a swing and then take a swig (or vice-versa).  Celebrate a hole in one, or drown your sorrows as your ball drowns in a water trap.  Plus, with the Covert Cooler, you can always have a handy treat for your hard-working caddie.  Or you can even play your own game, aptly known as Beer Golf, anywhere you wish!

Beer Golf Rules