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Compare Beer Coolers

The Beer Cooler Line-Up:

Compare the features of The Covert Cooler on the left to the features our main competitor on the right.


The Covert Cooler


The Competition

We offer a 100% money back guarantee and a "Compare the Competition Challenge"  See more about this offer under our guarnatee page.
Offers store credit for a return.  Hmmmm???
Free with the purchase of more than one cooler!
Must sometimes have purchases of $50 or more to qualify for free shipping.
The size of our cooler was designed to give additional room to add ICE or additional food. 
Designed for cans only.  Cans fit so tightly, it's unrealistic to add ice.  They offer very tiny ice packs as an incentive to buy, but these small ice packs will not last.  What's the point?
Ice Packs
If you are set on using ice packs, we Offer 1 lb ice packs.  This is critical for those in the HOT southern states.
Offers 1/2 lb Ice Packs.  Ice packs are extemely thin and will not last. 
Our material is thicker and better insulated. 
Uses a very thin copy of our material.
Shoe Bag Apperance
Ours is truly COVERT.  Looks like a shoe bag.
Looks like a cooler.  Dead giveaway.
Watertight Compartment
Use ice instead of ice packs.  Keeps drinks ice cold all day.
They sell on Free Ice packs.  Free typically means cheap.  They're ice packs are extremely tiny.  This will lead you you using ice and their cooler is so restricted on size, only a limited amount of ice can be used.
WaterProof Zipper
We offer a quality waterproof zipper.
Does not offer a waterproof zipper
Soft Sides
It fits easily in the shoe pocket of your golf bag.  And it's flexible, so it will fit into tight spaces in your home or car too.
Hard sides make a one-size fits-all an impossibility.
Fits Nine 12 oz Cans
9 cans is one beer for every other hole.
Only 6 cans.  Leaves you dryer than a sand trap by the 14th hole.
Shoulder Strap
Use for hiking, biking, fly fishing, and many other activities
Can't carry a hard sided cooler like this.
Extra Side Pocket
Additional Covert Storage.  Hides valuables where no one would ever expect.
No side pocket.  True covert value compromised.
Veritical Zipper Design
Allows you to remove beer from the shoe pocket without removing the beer cooler.
If you have to remove the cooler to access your beverage....well, it's just not very sneaky.  Is it?
GUARANTEED TO FIT!  Dimensions: 16.5” X 7.5” X 4”
As one of the best 9 can beer coolers on the market, you can be sure the Covert Cooler fits into the shoe pocket of any golf bag.  In fact, it's guaranteed.
Competitions' beer coolers will only fit larger bags.  If it doesn't fit yours, you're out of luck--and out of $25!
Thick Insulation
Keeps contents colder longer.
Warm brewsky's by the 10th hole.
Price: $19.95
Our beer cooler is one of the few coolers on the market priced under $20. 
Start as high as $25 or more.  After ice bags and shipping costs, your bill could easily come to $30 or more.
Bulk Orders
We believe in bulk prices for bulk orders.  Great for golf giveaways, tournaments, promotional gifts, retail stores and wholesale distributors.
Priced higher than us.
Screen Printing
12" wide by 4" tall.  We have the largest ad space available on the market. 
Small ad space.  Not very attractive for an advertiser.