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The Covert Cooler:  The Soft Sided Cooler with a Covert Mission

The Covert Cooler functions as a regular soft cooler. But this soft cooler has a mission. The Covert Cooler brings you ice-cold beer when you want it at a price you can afford. No more waiting for the beer cart and then dishing out $3 or $4 for a brewsky.

Unlike other soft coolers, the Covert Cooler is made specifically to fit into the shoe pocket of your golf bag. And it's made so that beer can be slipped out of the bag quickly and covertly--without shuffling through multiple compartments or bumbling through several sets of zippers.

Not Just Another Soft Cooler

Soft Side Cooler



The Covert Cooler fits easily into the shoe pocket of your golf bag without stuffing or praying. This soft-sided cooler is flexible and durable.

Fits Nine Cans


Tailor-made to fit nine 12 ounce cans--one beer for every other hole.

Cooler Pocket

A side pocket for Covert Coverage. Great for hiding valuables where no one would expect.

Covert Cooler Zipper

The Covert Cooler zipper runs parallel to the zipper of the shoe pocket on your golf bag. Unlike with our competition, you never have to remove the cooler to get to your beer. Just zip, zip and sip.

The handle makes the Covert Cooler versatile and maneuverable. Remove, reload, and replace your soft-sided cooler in just a few seconds. And, with the handle, the cooler is easy to tote with or without the golf bag.

Covert Cooler Handle