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Give the Covert Cooler

"You don't need a 9-iron, you need an 8 . . . ounce can!"

ANYONE who plays golf would love a Covert Golf Bag Cooler. It not only holds beer, but can carry soda or water as well. Plus it shows you care: If there's some sort of accident on the course and someone's finger is severed, you can keep it on ice till you get to the ER!

The Covert Cooler is an ideal gift for:

Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Stinky, Mom, Sis, Your Boss, Ted From the Office, Cousin Fred Who You Don't Know Very Well But Who MUST Like Golf and Beer, Your Neighbors Who Water Your Plants While You Are Gone, even Father O'Malley.

Makes a great gift for all occasions, not just the regular holidays and birthdays. The Covert Cooler is also great as a:

  • "Dude, Sorry I Wrecked Your Car" Gift

  • St. Swiven's Day Gift

  • Groomsmen Gift

  • Meeting-Your-Girlfriend's-Dad Gift

  • Scottish Thursday Gift


So, we all know you are going to order your loved one a Covert Cooler.  But guess what.  You can even get it personalizedWe do screening for bulk orders.

Give the gift of a golf bag cooler EVERYONE on your list!

Plus, WE do the gift wrapping, because we know it's a pain!

The Covert Cooler an excellent golf gift


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