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Golf Tournament Tee Prizes

Fundraising opportunity for your golf tournament.

"I put over $5000 in the bank for my shool
using the Covert Cooler"
Rick Locarnini 13th Annual
OLPH School golf Tournament
Golf Tournament Gift, Order Gifts in Bulk for Tournaments
The Covert Cooler
"The Covert Cooler createed more
"Sponsor procurement and retention
excitement amongst my golfers than any
is the key to a successful golf event
other product I have ever given away."
and the Covert Cooler ensures this."
Jack Sondag
Theresa Rausch
Hackers & Slackers Golf Tour 2007
Elko Wire Rope Venders Classic


The key to any golf tournament is creating a fun, exciting atmosphere that keeps the players and sponsors coming back year after year.  A tremendous amount of thought went into our product to make it the best golf tournament product on the market.

Sponsor Retention - The Covert Cooler is a walking billboard.  It has a 12" x 4" print area on the front and back.  It is easily stuffed with catalogues, brochures, business cards, or other promotional items.  It's perfect for Sponsors!

Player Retention - What motivates your players to come back?  Cool prizes and fun gifts are a major incentive!  I guarantee you they've never had a Covert Cooler. 

Fundraising - Why have a tee prize budget?  It makes no sense to create a budget for tee prizes when you can SELL sponsorships. The Covert Cooler offers up to ten, full color logos per side of the cooler.  That offers a potential for 20 new sponsors.  At $500 each, that's an additional $10,000.  It's much easier to get 20 $500 donations that one big donation.

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A personalized Covert Cooler makes a great promotional item for conventions and expos as well. Anytime your client uses the portable, personal Covert Cooler, he or she will think of you. And what VP or CEO doesn't enjoy a few drinks,....... I mean rounds?

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Golf Tournaments are a fun way to schmooze, get publicity for your company, and have some fun playing golf.  If you are planning a golf tournament, here are some articles to help you.

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