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Our Golf Cooler Guarantee 

Covers All Covert Coolers and Golf Accessories


New - Compare the Competition Challenge

Buy our cooler and a competitive 9-pack brand and compare the two.  If you feel our competition has a better product we will refund your money for our cooler + shipping charges.  No questions will be asked.

We will have our cooler returned via our UPS account number so you do not have to pay for any return shipping charges.  Plus we will schedule a UPS pickup from your location, so not to inconvenience you.  The only requirement is we will need to see a copy of the receipt of the competitive brand you purchased if you decide to return the product..

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the purchase of your Covert Cooler (or any other golf accessory offered on CovertCooler.Com), return the product to Classic Plastics Corp within 30 days, and 100% of the purchase price will be refunded to you.

Golf Accessory Covert Cooler Guarantee FAQGolf Accessory Guarantee FAQ

What happens if the golf cooler doesn't fit into my golf bag?
You get your money back.

What happens if the golf cooler doesn't keep my beer cold?
You get your money back.

What happens if I think your cooler sucks?
You get your money back.

So I get my money back no matter what?
Yes.  Return the golf accessory within 30 days for whatever reason and you get your money back.

Where's the fine print?  I know there's always fine print.
There is no fine print.