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Promotional Gifts

The Covert Cooler lead us into the Promotional Industry as a supplier.  After many requests for other products like tees, balls, towels, etc. , we have estabished relationships with other suppliers for thousands of creative printable products.  Give us the opportunity to show you something new and completely different.  I guarantee you will find something never before seen in our mix of products. 




If your event requires multiple products or if you are just looking for new ideas we are the company for you.  We have the latest and greatest procducts on the market. 


We are the only company to offer multiple logos in full color for many products in the promotional industry.  This allows you to sell logos to raise money for your event.  It's much easier to get ten $500 sponsors than one $5000 sponsor.  Call about our new proprietary printing process.   Toll Free 630-771-1260

Stuffing Services

We also offer a stuffing service for Goodie Bags.  If the Covert Cooler or another bag is needed for your event, we can stuff the bag with multiple promotional products.  This makes your life much easier the day of the event.  We do all the work, you just pass them out.