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"I'll take a pack of gum, one of those visors that says "hottie" on it, and one of them there Covert Coolers. please!"

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The Covert Cooler

The Covert Cooler is available to Stocking Distributors at special discounts below our bulk pricing for retailers.  Sell to golf retail stores, golf tournaments, liquor stores, convenience stores, etc.  It makes a great sales display, and customers will love the convenience of having it right at their fingertips!  Please call for pricing toll free at 1-800-475-5235.

Keep in mind that the Covert Cooler is not just for beer.  It can be a great family item as well, handy for storing sodas, juices, fruits, even baby's bottles. It fits into those hanging stroller pockets, and its soft sides make it easy to slip into a backpack or under the passenger seat of the car.  On to Grandma's house we go!

The Covert Cooler is not just for adults, playing golf, beer-drinking dudes.  You can market it in many different ways, and we can help you sell it to YOUR clientele.

We know the Covert Cooler will make an excellent addition to your merchandise.  And it can be screen printed with your shop logo.  Maybe the personalized mugs might even get a little jealous.

Stocking Distributors should call toll free 1-800-475-5235 for additional discounts.

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